Added December 22 2022

55-PLUS Curling Christmas Lunch 

(Pictures available on the 2022-23 information Menu)


The  55-PLUS Christmas Lunch was held at the  PCC on December 20th 2022. The event was attended by 54 group members and 2 special guests (PCC Club Manager Leah Kerger and Icemaker Russ Firth). Yum Yum Hospitality provided an excellent meal. A raffle was held and we raised. $515.00 for Winnipeg Harvest.

The following members helped to make the event a success. 

Dennis Huggins (55 PLUS President) Event Organizer and MC

Jim Gray (55 PLUS Exec Member at Large) Event Ticket Printing

Bob Girouard (55 PLUS Treasurer) Ticket Sales and Event Greeter

Brian Swan (55 PLUS Secretary) and Barry Bentham (55 PLUS Vice-President) Raffle Ticket Sales

Murray Ballance (55 Plus Draw Master and Spare Coordinator) Prize award handout and Greeter

Drake Mc Murphy (55Plus 2nd Vice-President) Event Photographer

Barrie Daniels (Webmaster) Website Update

Bob Capstick Provider of the Red Hat

Prize Donators   A special thank you to those in the club who contributed gifts that were raffled off on behalf of the charity.  A special thank you to Brian Swan for making several announcements, prior to game time, asking the members for donations in the form of gifts.  His efforts contributed significantly to the success of the prize giveaway.




New Members Needed for Rounds 3 and 4

Please reach out to any potential curlers who might be interested in sparing or curling for one or more rounds.

Dates for rounds 3 and 4 are:

(Round 3 Dec. 21 to Feb. 1) (Round 4 Feb. 3rd to Mar 10th)

Application Forms and instructions are available on the 2022-23 information menu

Individuals may contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information.




Notice from the Pembina Curling Club 

Booking Practice Ice Time

Practice ice time can now be booked online, on the PCC website.

 The office will be updating the schedule regularly. Free ice time is for members only. 

On the PCC  home page, you will see 'Practice Ice' on the top menu. Click that and on the new page, you are directed to click 'Available' to see all open ice times. Click the number beside the title (highlighted in red) and then click 'New Reservation'. Here you will type in your name to book your spot.   

2022-23  55-PLUS Executive Council

President- Dennis Huggins

First Vice-President- Barry Bentham  

Second Vice-President- Drake McMurphy

Past President- Ken Hanz 

Secretary - Brian Swan 

Treasurer - Bob Girouard 

Draw Master- Murray Ballance

Membership Chair- Brad McKenzie

Spare Coordinator- Murray Ballance

Webmaster-Barrie Daniels 

Member at Large-Jim Gray