Annual Meeting

Held on March 28th 2023

The luncheon meeting was M. C.’d by President Dennis Huggins, attended by approximately 60 curlers and the PCC club manager Leah Kerger. The meal was provided by Yum Yum Hospitality. 

The event photographer was Drake McMurphy. Event pictures are available on the 2022-23 Information menu Item.

Honorary Life Member award

Brian Swan gave a review of contributions made to our league by Jim gray and presented Jim with a certificate in recognition of his work on the executive council over the last 12 years. 

Executive Reports

Bob Girouard gave an overview of the 2022-23 financial results. We had a breakeven year with revenues and expenses of approximately $29,000. Spare fees and 50/50 proceeds allowed for subsidized ticket prices for the Christmas and Annual meeting meals.  50/50 ticket sellers were Ben Hiebert, Rod Birch and Tom Cutts. 

Brad McKenzie gave a Membership report. Brad reported that we had slightly less than 57 full time equivalent curlers for the 2022-23 season. We were short 6 curlers in rounds one and four. He suggested that we set a goal of 60 full time equivalent curlers for 2023-24 and a long-term goal of getting back to our pre covid numbers of 72 curlers using all 6 sheets of ice. 

Murray Ballance gave the Draw Master and Spare Coordinators report. Spare convenors were Drake McMurphy, Ken Hanz, Ed Paluck and Ron Loeppky. 

Barry Bentham gave a presentation on the proposed changes to the Operational Guidelines and special rules of Curling documents. The changes were approved by the members attending the meeting. Barry also mentioned that we will be using the Curling I/O  online website as part of our 2023-24 registration process. More details will be provided prior to next season.

 Executive Council

Bob Girouard (Treasurer) and Brian Swan (Secretary) were confirmed to continue for 2023-24.  Larry Todd was elected to the position of second Vice President. 

Trophy Presentation

Murray Ballance announced the winners of the first, second and third place all star teams based on the 2022-23 season. Barry Bentham announced the winners of the 2023 Last Chance Bonspiel Trophy. Pictures were taken of the winners present at the event. 

New President

At the end of the meeting Dennis Huggins passed the Gavel to incoming president Barry Bentham.



New Members Needed for 2023-24

Please reach out to any potential curlers who might be interested in sparing or curling for one or more rounds.


Individuals may contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information.


2023-24  55-PLUS Executive Council

President- Barry Bentham 

Vice-President- Drake McMurphy

Second Vice-President- Larry Todd

Past President- Dennis Huggins

Secretary - Brian Swan 

Treasurer - Bob Girouard 

Draw Master- Murray Ballance

Membership Chair- Brad McKenzie

Spare Coordinator- Murray Ballance

Webmaster- Barrie Daniels